TMC Hallcrest manufactures quick response, phase change temperature indicating labels that are easy to use under their brand name THERMAX. We purify organic chemicals with specific melt points to provide a highly accurate irreversible indication of maximum temperatures achieved by a simple colour change.

Offering precise readings, these irreversible temperature labels combine:-

  • Defined melting points – giving high accuracy with the ability for you to specify exact requirements based on your needs
  • Individually Coated – allowing you to design your label giving you accurate and clearly defined results
  • Permanent Colour Change – allowing you to keep records for quality control and due diligence or records abuse of your products in the field.

Providing a simple method of monitoring temperature to alert people and business assets from heat injury or damage, our labels offer accuracy and performance.


Temperature range

  • 29 to 290°C with over 75 specific temperatures available as standard.

Colour change

  • THERMAX Strips containing temperatures only up to 210°C - Silver/White to Black
  • THERMAX Strips containing temperatures of 212°C and above – Orange to Black


  • THERMAX Strips containing temperatures only up to 160°C – Polyester
  • THERMAX Strips containing temperatures between 165 and 210°C – Polyethylene Naphthalate
  • THERMAX Strips containing temperatures of 212°C and above – Polyimide


  • THERMAX Strips containing temperatures only up to 160°C – Modified acrylic adhesive with a polyester carrier
  • THERMAX Strips containing temperatures of 165°C and above – Pure acrylic adhesive with tissue carrier


  • Strips can be supplied in packs or rolls – Convenient and simple to apply
  • Custom designs – Offering a bespoke solution
  • Custom sizes, shapes and materials – Designed to suit a wide range of applications


  • Process control – Giving you consistent results
  • Test & measurement – Delivering accurate results
  • Quality control – An affordable solution to safeguard the quality
  • Safety Indicators – Protecting people, equipment, machinery and products
  • Warranty – Removing the risk of false claims
  • Maintenance – Reducing downtime and maximizing performance