Testo 830-T4 - Laser Temperature Gun

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  • High resolution processor for better accuracy

  • 30:1 optics and high resolution processor

  • Easy one-handed operation due to gun-style design

  • One temperature probe can be connected for additional contact measurement (optional)

The testo 830-T4 laser temperature gun also achieves accurate results at greater distances during non-contact surface temperature measurement. This is provided by its 30:1 optics and powerful processor. The non contact infrared thermometer measuring instrument carries out measuring tasks in trade and industry quickly and efficiently.


With the testo 830-T4 laser temperature gun you will be well equipped for non-contact surface temperature measurements in industry and trade. It is especially distinguished by its 30:1 optics, which also enables the laser temperature gun to record extremely small measuring spots at a great distance. This therefore allows moving or dangerous objects to be measured from a safe distance.

All key advantages of the laser temperature gun at a glance
The laser temperature gun with laser measurement spot marker not only measures the surface temperature accurately, but also quickly (2 measurements a second). Benefit from these and other advantages of the non contact infrared thermometer:

  • High resolution processor provides accurate results (resolution 0.1 °C)
  • 30:1 optics enable great accuracy at great distances on small objects being measured (1 m distance = 36 mm measuring spot diameter)
  • Laser temperature gun with 2 point laser measurement spot marker: the measuring point can be precisely defined (= surface between the two laser points)
  • Two limit values that can be defined as required
  • Visual and acoustic alarm if limit values are exceeded
  • Min./max. temperature display and hold function (to “freeze” a certain measured value)
  • An external temperature probe can be connected, e.g. to determine the emission level of the surface, or for additional contact temperature measurement
  • Convenient operation (even with just one hand) thanks to the gun-style design
  • Clear, legible display with background lighting

Furthermore, the laser temperature gun delivers extremely fast results with a speed of two measurements per second. This means that extensive surface temperature scans are also easy to handle.

Extended functions with the connectible probe
An optional external temperature probe to carry out contact measurements can also be connected to the testo 830-T4 laser temperature gun in addition to the non-contact IR measurement (e.g. for control purposes). There are a range of thermocouple probes available for temperature measurements of air, liquids, semi-solid media, and surface temperatures.

The comparative contact measurement with a surface temperature probe will help you determine the emission level of the surface material which helps you set the laser temperature gun emission level accordingly in order to achieve the best results in the subsequent IR measurement.

In case of surfaces with an extremely low emission level, we recommend using either an emission tape (optional), or the connectible contact probe (optional) throughout the measurement.

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Testo 830-T4 laser temperature gun, including batteries and factory calibration protocol.

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Testo 830-T4 - Laser Temperature Gun

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