Electronic Differential Pressure Switch

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Electronic differential pressure switch S1510 with digital display and analog output for measuring over, under and differential pressures in liquid and gaseous media


  • High repeatability
  • Long lifetime 
  • High overload protection
  • Easy switching point setting
  • RoHS compliant


0 ... 6 bar

In addition to the digital display of the measured value and the analogue output (current or voltage), the electronic differential pressure switch S1510 offers a long service life and a high overload safety.

Typical applications include the monitoring of compressors, filters, exhaust systems, differential pressure measurements between the flow and return of heating systems as well as the flow measurement. 

The integrated electronics converts the measured values ​​into switching signals and electrical output signals and displays them on the display. The analogue output signal (0/4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V) can be attenuated, spread, inverted and nonlinear transformed via a table function.

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Electronic Differential Pressure Switch

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