Mechanical Differential Pressure Switch, Block Type up to 50 Bar

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The pressure switches can be obtained for adjustable ranges between 0.3 bar and 50 bar. The switching output can be set over the whole adjustable range.


  • High overpressure safety
  • Good repeatability
  • Electrical connector acc. to DIN EN 175301-803 style A for open mounting in machine constructions and excellent ease of service and maintenance

Adjustment range:


The measuring principle of the mechanical pressure switch is a spring loaded diaphragm respectively for higher pressure ranges a spring loaded piston. The high mechanical service life, high contact rating and the compact design characterize the tecsis differential pressure switch.

High quality parts and a integrated microswitch obtain a outstanding reliability and accuracy. The switching reliability and long service life are guaranteed by either a silver plated or optional gold plated contact.

Mechanical differential pressure switches are suitable for all areas, where an electrical signal is related to a given differential pressure value. They are especially designed for applications of controlling and monitoring differential pressures of filters, level measurement and flow measurement or for universal usage in machine and plant constructions.

The electrical connector acc. to DIN 43650 enables the open mounting in machine constructions. This means an excellent ease of service and maintenance. The switching function is realized by a changever contact. The switching point can be adjusted via a central turning screw on site

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Mechanical Differential Pressure Switch, Block Type up to 50 Bar

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