Miniature Switch with NO or NC contact, 0.5 ... 10 Bar

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Reasonably priced membrane pressure switch in a brass case with minimum space requirements. This pressure switch is available either with brass (S4110) or plastic thread (S4111).


  • Small size (42 and 44 mm)
  • Low weight (20 and 34 g)
  • Low priced
  • Low hysteresis

Adjustment range

0.5 bar ... 10 bar


The small hexagon and minimal height make these tecsis pressure switches particularly attractive for applications where space is limited. The minimal space requirement and light - weight nature of this product doesn’t even come with a high price tag. In fact, the advantages offered by these tecsis pressure switches will make them an excellent value when costs are given priority.

The miniature pressure switch is used in pneumatic applications and for the control and monitoring of pressurized mediums in machine and plant construction.  The switch can be used with many gaseous and liquid media.

These diaphragm type pressure switches in brass or zinc plated steel housings are available off - the - shelf as break contacts or make contacts. An adjustment screw makes it easy to adjust the switching points on - site. Gold - plated contacts are also available as an option for low switching currents.

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Miniature Switch with NO or NC contact, 0.5 ... 10 Bar

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