SS 20.200

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Thermal flow sensor to monitor the flow velocity of air and gases. Patented sensor head, substantially direction-independent and dirt resistant. Adjustable or pre-programmed switching threshold. Optical display of switching and operating state. Increased media resistance through optional protective coating technology.

Application examples

  • Airflow monitoring
  • Filter monitoring
  • Cooling air monitoring
  • Laboratory exhausts
  • Workstation exhausts
  • Semiconductor processing systems

Product advantages

  • Rotation-invariant measurement, relative to the longitudinal axis of probe
  • Compensated flow angle vertically to the longitudinal axis of probe: ±45°
  • Switch threshold adjustment with potentiometer or programmed in factory according to customer's requirements
  • Signal of switching state by LED and switching output
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Suitable for very small flow velocities

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SS 20.200

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