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The smallest all-rounder for universal use and high-performance

For ventilation, air-conditioning, cleanroom and pharmaceutical applications.

In many applications, direct measurement of the flow velocity and of the volumetric flow in air and gases is the ideal solution. Owing to the high requirements in modern control technology, the flow sensor used must be able to detect precisely and quickly over an extremely wide range from "almost zero" to the maximum value.

Typical applications of the SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 20.250 dumbbell head technology include:

  • Monitoring and energy-efficient control of fans
  • Continuous monitoring of filter units
  • Safe control of the volumetric flow of extraction units
  • Monitoring of the laminar flow in cleanrooms
  • The smallest all-rounder

Thanks to its compact mechanical design, the SS 20.250 can be installed very easily via a flange or a compression fitting. Its complete electronics are housed in the robust metal sensor tube, which has a diameter of only 9 mm.


Thanks to the dumbbell technology used and the high flow angle (radial: 360°, axial: ± 45°), the sensor can be positioned in the gas flow safely and quickly. In addition to detecting the standard flow velocity of 0.06 to 20 m/s, it also measures the temperature of the medium. The available linear output signals are 4 ... 20 mA and 0 ... 10 V in each case – as a function of the connected load resistance giving you a universal sensor and automatic detection of U or I output.

Protection from dust and aggressive gases

Using the patented dumbbell head also allows measurements to be made in dust-containing gases. If the sensor gets dirty, it can be cleaned again by the user without problems. Upon request the sensor can also be delivered with a special protective coating, which makes it resistant to aggressive media such as hydrochloric acid, acetone, sulfuric acid and many more.

Measuring accuracy in black and white

Optionally, the SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 20.250 can also be delivered with high-precision calibration and ISO calibration certificate, which documents its high precision and reproducibility. You can have this calibration renewed at any time.

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SS 20.250

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