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The solution for flow measurement – even for dusty air and gases. Highly precise and compact!

Flow measurement easily handled

To be able to measure air and gas flows precisely and with repeatability a number of ‘correct’ parameters are required. For many flow sensors orientation relative to flow direction is essential for quality of results. The choice of sensor is also dependant on the gas to be measured. Dust and aggressive gases will also impact on the quality of results and also introduce increased maintenance and premature replacement, with evident additional costs. In areas with potential for explosion hazard, as found in powder handling and oil/gas plants for example, then sensors with appropriate approval are required, and this will limit the option of sensor supplier.

This flow sensor makes selection easier

The SCHMIDT® thermal flow sensor SS 20.500 offers an ideal solution for energy efficiency and complicated applications to include drying processes, exhaust discharge, glovebox and fume cupboard flows, volume flow control and many more. In addition to velocity the sensor also measures the process temperature and both of these parameters are available as independent outputs. This combined measurement capability reduces the number of tapping points, easing installation and also offers an obvious cost benefit. Extreme flow angles of 360 degrees axial and ± 45 degrees from vertical simplify positioning in the gas flow. A wide measuring range of 0.06 up to 50 m/s and traceable calibration via precision calibration ensures accuracy and reliability of measurement.

Dust and aggressive gases? No problem!

The patented dumb-bell head makes measurement possible in dust laden applications without influencing the measured value. If required, cleaning is easily carried out by the user. As options the sensor is available ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas and with a special protective coating for resistance to aggressive mediums, trace acids for example.

Accuracy in black and white

Also as an option the sensor is available with high precision adjustment. This option includes the supply of an ISO calibration certificate with recorded accuracy and repeatability. This calibration is carried out in house at SCHMIDT Technology with traceability to National Standards. A re-calibration service is also offered.

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SS 20.500

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